Have a blog published?

Have a blog published?

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Have a blog published?

Have a blog published?

Having your blog indexed by Google and other search engines is one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your website. Jimdo offers simple SEO tools to help you index your website right away. It's also a good idea to use clear, commonly used keywords in your written blog posts. Google rewards high quality content, so make sure your blog posts are informative and easy to read. Regular publishing and using your own domain for your blog can also help.

Have a blog published?

Have a blog published?


Create your blog!

Create a blog that is fast, easy and has many features
Our Creator has everything you need to become a successful blogger. Start with the free version and add text, photos, videos, social media and more without worrying about your hosting.

Turn your ideas into a successful blog or website in just a few clicks

Then upgrade to use many more features:

Free own domain for the first year
SEO tool for search engines
Tags and categories
Fast and friendly support
Customizable designs, fonts and colors

How to start your own blog?

Successful blogging starts with these 5 steps!
Make a list of topics you want to write about.
Write your first blog and add photos and videos.
Choose a short, clear title for search engines.
Choose tags and categories relevant to your blog.
Publish your blog and share it on social media.
Practice makes perfect. The more you write, the better it goes.
Write new content as often as possible so you get regular visitors.
Start a blog about your passion

What do you have to blog about?

If you have your own business, starting a blog is one of the best ways to reach an even larger audience and eventually become a pioneer in your own field. In addition, a blog also helps your website to get a better position in Google. If you would like to start a personal blog then you need to see what your passions are and what you would like to write about. Maybe you collect cooking recipes, have an eye for fashion trends, or have a passion for interior design. Regardless of what you write about, it is important that you write your blog posts in your own authentic way.

What makes your blog popular?

The best bloggers are trendsetters and have an eye for new ideas. They often write about interesting and fun events in daily life. By talking about things their audience cares about in an honest and engaging way, they become reliable sources of information. They usually focus on one particular topic, instead of trying to write about all kinds of different topics. They write consistently and use social media, networking events and other blogs to grow their audience over time.

What do you want to share with the world? The possibilities are endless! Here are a few examples of blogs you can create with Jimdo Creator.

Lifestyle blog
For fashionistas, do-it-yourselfers, designers, or bloggers who like to share their creative ideas and tips. Share your advice and get acquainted with your own Lifestyle Blog!

Share your recipes and pictures of the most delicious dishes on your own Foodblog! Setting up your blog with Jimdo is so simple that you’ll have more time to enjoy your food than you’re busy updating the blog.

Travel blog
You like to discover new countries, new cultures and travel all over the world. Collect all the unforgettable moments on your travel blog. You can even use Jimdo’s mobile apps to update your blog on your smartphone or tablet while you travel.

Health and fitness blog
Are you interested in fitness, sports, or healthy living? Tell the world about your training program or wellness trip and share useful tips on your personal website.

Fashion blog
You have a unique sense of style and an eye for the next big trends. Start a fashion blog with a unique and personal design and photo galleries that are just right for you.

How to become a blogger

You don’t have to be someone famous to become a blogger. But it’s good to have a little patience. Building an audience for your blog can take a while, because you are not a successful blogger overnight. The best way is to just start writing and update your blog regularly and share all your posts on social media so you reach a large audience. Linkbuilding – Linkbuildingpicknicktafels