Moving in corona time

Moving is not ideal in this day and age, but sometimes it can’t be otherwise. As long as you and the mover adhere to the set corona measures during preparation and the move, the move can take place safely.

Preparing the move

The preparation for a move usually consists of the inventory, arranging a mover, the moving supplies and packing your belongings. The starting point is that all these things are done remotely (online) as much as possible. Verhuisbedrijf Rotterdam

Normally most movers will visit you first to make an inventory of your belongings. This is undesirable now. Users of our moving quote comparison service can use the online inventory tool. You can do this by clicking on the link to your personal dashboard in the confirmation email.

Other possibilities for digital inventory are recording a video or a direct video call with the mover. For example via What’s app, Skype or FaceTime.

Find a mover

You can find a good moving company on the website of the sector association of Approved Movers or through our own moving quote comparison service. Do not only pay attention to the price, but also take a look at the conditions. Especially the insured amount in case of damage and the deductible are important. Also check whether the mover works on the basis of an all-in price, an hourly rate or post-calculation. In case of a fixed (all-in) price, the risk of a wrong estimate is for the removal company. In the case of a quotation based on subsequent calculation, any additional costs will be paid by the removal company itself.


Having your belongings packed by the removal company sounds attractive, but is not wise in this day and age. Pack everything yourself as much as possible in advance. Ask the mover to deliver the boxes to the front door or order them online. Packing it yourself is more work, but it will make your move cheaper.
During the move

Removal companies must comply with RIVM guidelines. In addition, carriers are subject to a Corona Protocol for Transport and Logistics. The most important measures and guidelines during a relocation are:

a mover who is not feeling well must stay at home
cases of illness in your own household must be reported to the removal company in advance and may lead to postponement of the move.
Take care of sufficient soap and kitchen rolls on the moving day.
a removal may be carried out by a maximum of 3 movers
the movers wear disposable gloves
as much furniture as possible already outside or at the entrance of your house
it is not allowed to lift furniture together or help in any other way. Stay away.
payment is preferably contactless

If you’re moving abroad, first study the coronary measures of the country in question. For example, no removals are currently allowed here in Belgium.